Saturday, March 29, 2014

When the Ordinary is Lovely

Photo from My Farmhouse Love Facebook page. 

It's a rainy cold Saturday here.  The kind of day that is good for baking.  I dug out an old cookbook and baked a recipe for a cake from the 1930's, thinking of how happy it will make my family tonight.

I stripped the sheets off of our bed and put them in the wash.  It will be really nice to crawl into a fresh bed tonight after a busy day.

I watched episodes of The Waltons while ironing shirts and pants for my husband to wear this week.  How I love that show!  You can learn so much from those dear people.  Such things as,"No use wishing for things you can't have."  Also, how to be a good neighbor.

For a little break after dishes and laundry, I got out my cherished copy of Laura Ingalls Wilder's Little House in the Ozarks to read a selection about work. I love her wisdom! She writes of us needing work that we love beyond being compensated.  It stirred thoughts of my work as a homemaker and how I love being home.

And then I listened to some wonderful big band music, as I put a chicken to roast in the oven.  In a bit my daughter and I will make some homemade icing for the banana cake. Then soon, my husband will be home from his hard day at work and we will all sit down and enjoy our evening together.

It might seem like one dreary task after another sometimes, but really, I wouldn't have it any other way!

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Hello Spring?

(Picture from My Farmhouse Love's Facebook page)

While not the official first day of spring, it is exciting to be so close.  It will be spring in name only, as the powers that be are calling for more cold weather.  Even though the temperatures are lower than normal, it has been so cold this winter that below normal is now feeling warm.

This is still a season of changes.  We find ourselves with open windows and a furnace turned off.  Then in the early hours of the day, we are cold and wish for the furnace to be back on.  Hot soup one night and bringing out the grill the next is not uncommon.  A winter mix one day and the next we have a perfect spring day to enjoy.

The best part of early spring is the hope one feels.  Birds sing of this hope.  The air is filled with it, too.  I have even seen little shoots poking up in the dirt looking for the same hope.  Aww, spring!!!