Thursday, June 26, 2014

A Tale of Catnip

Everyone who knows me, knows that my cats are super spoiled.  So, it is not unusual that I would plant grass for them.  And naturally, I would want to plant catnip, their favorite herb.  At our last home, we had a splendid patch of it.
Catnip bed at former house.  
Before we moved, we picked a bunch and dried it for winter.  We were careful to make it last the long, cold winter.  Well, then it was finally spring, and it was time to plant a new supply, only we could not find any plants around here for sale.  I was perplexed.  Doesn't anyone else grow catnip?  So, one day as I was walking my kitty around the outside of the house, he stopped to rub a certain little "weed."  Except it wasn't a weed it was catnip, growing wild in my yard!  And, it had just narrowly escaped the mower, as it was not tall enough to be totally chopped up.  I saw this as a gift from above, and quickly transplanted the dear little plant into a big pot of fresh soil.  Then I prayed it would like its new home, and that my kitties would be able to enjoy some fresh catnip one day soon!  Yes, I do pray for my plants and kitties.  :)

This is the little plant soon after it was transplanted.

Here it is today!  

This absolutely proves to me that the Lord cares even about the least little creatures!  Thanks be to God!

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Enjoying Late Spring

The winter is not so far behind us that we have forgotten the long cold days.  There is a sweetness to late spring.  The grass is so, so very green from inches and inches of rain, almost weekly.  Quite a few flowers are in bloom.  It's safe to put out delicate annuals.

I just really love this time of the year!  There is the downside of allergies to contend with, but we can overlook that when we think of how much warmth and sunshine is around us at the moment.

I do love spring!