Friday, November 30, 2012


'Tis the season to purge the kid's closets.  And, then go around trying to find clothes to replace some of the outgrown ones.  Thankfully, grandparents will  gift some clothes for Christmas.  And, thankfully my kids do not have crazy notions about being stylish, a perk of home education.

These overflowing bags will go to friends.  The one big bag will go to Goodwill.  Oh how I love to purge!

Friday, November 16, 2012

First World Problems

My week has been plagued by first world problems, you know, the kind that are annoying, but only exist because I am blessed to have a home in the first place.  Our old copper pipes, water pressure tank, and whole house water filter needed replaced.  Now there are gaping holes in three rooms that need fixed.  All these "problems" made me think about how thankful I am to have running water, a landlord with money to fix them, and skilled men to fix them.  I know that these are problems that other human beings would love to have.  Not every person has clean running water in their home.  Living here in excess skews my sense of having problems, big time.

Last night, as we made our way through a mega warehouse store, I found myself reminded of this again when they were out of a couple things that I thought I "needed!"  How many times a day do I think I need something?  Need is such an overused word!

This month, I've been writing down each day something that I am thankful for on my Facebook page.  It's been a great experience.  Each morning, I ask myself,"What am I most thankful for today?"  It's a great way to start my day!

Contentment is...

Contentment not a
fulfillment of what you want,
but the realization of what you
already have.

It is not a destination,
it is a state of gratefulness
before God.

~Joshua Harris

Monday, November 5, 2012

An Under Buyer's Tale

Recently, I've made a few purchases that have greatly increased the joy in my world.  I tend to be an "under buyer", which is a term I first heard from Gretchen Rubin.  It means that I don't like to shop and I put off making purchases long past the point of their necessity.  

For example, I currently own only two pairs of jeans and both when buttoned, I can pull off (Yay for me!) They are too big.  They are not even comfortable to wear.  I even have birthday money to spend on new ones, yet, I have put off the task for a couple weeks.  Thankfully, today I received an email about an online sale at a store I like and so I hope to order a couple replacements, TODAY!  

I also was in need of a spoon rest, never finding a used one that I liked, so for the last two years, I've used the plastic lid that came from some packaging.  It washed up fine in the dish washer.  I was happy. But, then I saw "the one" at Good Will this weekend!  And it ended up being free because I had enough points from donating to make it free.  Wow, was I happy!  And now I have just the right spoon rest that matches my kitchen decor.

Another example is my cake pans.  I received two fine (or so I thought) cake pans for our wedding 18 years ago.  Each time I make a cake in these pans, they would stick.  Even if i greased them, floured them, and put in parchment paper.  For years, these pans have irritated me.  But, because they were "good" pans, I just put up with them.  And for years I didn't make cake because they were terrible pans.  Yet, I kept them?  Why?  Thankfully, I decided to give them away and I bought two new pans that are wonderful!  The cakes just slid out!

I also recently bought a butter dish.  For years, we've just kept the butter in its paper wrapper and set that on the table.  It got to be a pain.  So, I decided to get a butter dish, but not just any dish.  I wanted a retro one.  And it didn't take months of looking. I found the perfect one in one weekend of antiquing.  And I got it for a little less than an online shop that I thought I'd end up getting one from.   

These little things have shown me that sometimes I have to break down and be a consumer, not always buying new things, but certainly replacing items that are no longer useful with ones that are.

This Saturday is a big tag sale at a church nearby.  I plan to be there.  I am looking for a pan to make pancakes on.  Our current pans do not work.  In fact, since we got the new smooth surface stove, our skillet doesn't work.  It's bottom is not flat enough to make contact with the burner.  *sigh*   It is making it harder to cook things, taking a lot longer.  I am going to have to think about getting a new skillet, too.  Unfortunately, the skillet is not that old.  I could chose to put up with it for a couple years, or just go get one that will work and save myself a lot of grief in the end.   

What about you?  Do you put off buying things?