Thursday, March 30, 2017

March Thankfulness

These are taken from my March journal where I write down a few things each week that I am giving praise to the Lord for.  I thought I'd share them here as an online record of my thanks to God.

They are random.  They are simple. They are from the heart!

At the top of my "blessings page," I write, "Make thankfulness your sacrifice to God" from Psalm 50:14a.

  • The worst of winter is mostly behind us! 
  • My church isn't afraid to take time for difficult topics. 
  • The gift of long lasting friendships.
  • Enough energy to do the things I ought to do. 
  • Just eleven more days until spring.
  • Three precious children who are home to enjoy.
  • Weeds to pull because that means spring is near!
  • Good vet visit for Pippin.
  • Spring break!  A change and much-needed rest. 
  • Klove and Air1 to keep me praising the Lord all day long. 
  • Rainy, spring weather.
  • Saturdays that Jeff can work from home. 
  • Our online school's teachers.
  • A date with Jeff at Culvers.
  • Grandparents who take the kids away for 5 days! 
  • An old washer and dryer that keeps on going. 
  • Sunshine is the best.
  • The ability and desire to grow in Christ. 
  • Casseroles.
  • Extended family lunches after church.
  • Youth group leaders who love on my kids.
  • Abundant access to books.
  • A dear husband who loves us. 
  • More daylight.
  • Psalm 40
  • Robins singing in the morning. 
  • A flat tire discovered at work, not a blow-out on the highway! (Two this month)
  • Old vans that keep on going.