Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Spring Plans

A long ago bloom.

Our neck of the woods is about to burst with color.  We have bought two garden boxes made of cedar to build.  I have big plans for them.  First we have to get past the threat of frost.  I have more plans than garden box, so I will have to temper myself.  I am eager to get them put together, perhaps this weekend.  Last weekend we had rain all day Saturday, and other plans for Sunday.

The Gold Finches have their new bright yellow spring coats.  I love watching them at the feeder outside my window.  I am so pleased that my dear children bought me a finch feeder last fall.  I am hoping for another bird feeder to find a home here for Mother's Day.  Maybe.

I have three planter boxes to fill with annuals.  Last year they added such constant color to our outside world.  I also have to replace the two cone flowers that did not make it over winter, sadly.  I am not sure what to replace them with at this point.  I also want to plant a butterfly bush in memory of my precious grandmother who passed away just before Christmas.

Besides the spring planting, I have a "new"table to spray paint for the deck.  I found it at a thrift store.  I have all the painting supplies, just waiting on the weather, again.  I am looking for some sturdy chairs or we may use what we have.  They are not intended to be kept outdoors, so we would have to bring them out when we want them.

I so love this time of the year! I love taking care of all that the Lord has given to me around my home.  I am so thankful.