About This Blog

Hi.  I'm Jenn.  I make my home in a typical American "vinyl" village.  I share this life with three teenagers, three quirky rescue cats, and my dear husband, who is quite a remarkable guy.

I, myself, am a simple woman who strives to live an uncomplicated life.  I am a follower of Jesus, cat lover, and avid reader.  I also believe in living without debt, which is a challenge in this world on one income.

At this blog, you'll hopefully find refreshing posts intended to inspire contentment.  You'll also find, despite not having a fancy camera, that I  love taking pictures of the everyday beauty around me.  I also enjoy writing about things that bring me joy, like being in nature, growing things, and living intentionally.

I wish you a warm welcome and hope that you will be blessed by your visit here.


  1. Jenn, Greetings in the name of Jesus and thank you for your blog. I like the spirit that it conveys. My wife and I live in Ontario, Canada near Lake Erie. I came upon your blog because I am doing a PhD dissertation on "Contentment" for a program in "Professional Coaching and Human Development." I will put your entry into my Literature Review but more important, I'll follow your blog for all the good things I expect to read here. Yours in Christ, Bret Maukonen

    1. Bret, your kind comment made my day. Thank you! Best wishes with your studies. I am a student of contentment as well.