Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Discovering the New Garden

photo from My Farmhouse Love

I love spring!!  And right now, I am so enjoying discovering all the plants around my new house.  (I will take pictures soon.  Right now, the sky is cloudy and we've had over 5 inches of rain this month.) What is really special is that a lot of the plants are like ones I planted at other houses, and sadly had to leave for others to enjoy.

So far I have discovered hosta, lilies, clematis, echinacea, lilac, phlox, tulip, and hydrangea.  I am not sure of what one flowering bush is yet.  It is not in bloom, but soon.  We have 2 nice hard maple trees, and 2 others that I am unsure of.  I think one is a cottonwood, which is a messy tree, so it doesn't thrill me.

I bought trellis' for the 2 clematis, just in time.  They are growing like crazy!  One week, I saw them peaking through the mulch and then the next week they were wrapping around the trellis'.  I love clematis.  I had to leave one that never bloomed for me.  I was told this little saying about them.

"First year they sleep.  Next year they creep.  Third year they leap!"  

I have one empty spot that I would like to fill with a sun loving perennial.  I will have to wait and see what I find at the nursery.  My last house had very little sun, so this is a treat to get to pick out a sun loving plant. Anyone have a suggestion?  

If funds allow, I will be planting a few cherry tomato plants, catnip, and the sunny perennial, when I get my petunias for the deck boxes.  But I have to wait until after Mother's Day, for that is when my grandfather always said it was safe to plant delicate plants in Indiana.  Hey, that is coming soon!  Yay!  

Next year, I would love to have raised garden boxes again.  We will see. Until then, I am thankful to have all the lovely plants that we do have, one of the reasons I chose this house!  I knew that we would not be able to sink a lot of money into landscaping, so it is very nice that it is all basically done.   

Friday, April 4, 2014

We Who Live in the Quiet Places

"We who live in the quiet places have the opportunity to become acquainted with ourselves, to think our own thoughts, and live our own lives in a way that is not possible for those who are keeping up with the crowd, where there is always something "on for tonight," and who have become so accustomed to crowds that they are dependent upon them for comfort."
Laura Ingalls Wilder