The Kitties

 This is Dorothy Dumpling.  We adopted her two days after losing our precious Abbey Cat who was an 18-year-old Siamese. Dorothy or Fifi was listed as an owner give-up.  She was about a year old.  She was also listed as a cat who would enjoy being the only cat.  She was probably not treated well at her first home as she was fearful and anxious, but over the last five years, she has grown into a loving, funny, confident sweetheart.

The picture below is Giles, Sir Purrbiscuts aka Bear.  We got him a year after Dorothy.  I was very frustrated with the lack of affection Dorothy was capable of and I wanted, needed a love-bug.  Giles was at the Humane Society and needed a good home, a perfect match!  Dorothy did not agree and we had cat wars for six months until we moved to our current house.  Magically, Dorothy accepted Giles, perhaps now that they were on neutral territory?   They are not besties, but they tolerate one another.

 And this is our newest addition, Pippin, my ginger snowshoe who just showed up and chose us!  I was not looking to add to our numbers.  He had been around the neighborhood for awhile and before it got really cold this winter I decided to set up a feeding station along with a shelter for the poor dear.  Three months later he was scratching at the back door begging to come inside.  One cold night I gave in.  That was almost 3 weeks ago.  We took him to the vet and all checked out.  He is estimated to be 2 years old.  Thankfully he was already fixed and appears very healthy.  Now we are waiting for the other two cats to accept him.  It will be a long time, for sure.  He is young and eager to be friends.

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