Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Making Yogurt

I have just successfully made my third batch of Briana Thomas' yogurt.  The family is in love.  I am a raving fan as well.  Go give it a try!


Saturday, January 9, 2016

{p,h,f,r} Operation Survive Winter

~Capturing the context of contentment in everyday life.~


My sweet girl made me a snowflake garland.  I love how she can watch a youtube video and come up with something on her own.  This garland brightens up our dining area.  


Coloring makes me happy.  Once I get past the frustrating part of picking out colors, I enjoy the soothing process of coloring.  A warm cup of coffee also makes me happy!


Physical education happens in our entryway, which is funny.  It is the only place for our bike trainer set up.  


Kitty always knows the best spot for a nap.  The reality is is that space heaters are needed in a house where the heater is located upstairs.  

So far winter has not been too unkind to us with a more mild start, however, we have had some gray days to fill.  We have found delight in reading good books, playing games and watching old movies, too.  We have this winter!!

Tuesday, January 5, 2016


I did a little thrifting with the Mr. after Christmas and found several titles that were on my wishlist. My hope is to read away the winter!

The cookbook is an old friend, sort of.  My mom has this exact printing.  I actually gave it back to her for Christmas because I am hoping she will make me one of her awesome angel food cakes.  I had looked on eBay for the book but did not want to spend the money at the time.  I was so happy to find it at a local antique mall.

But back to my reading plan.  I have already finished my first book of 2016, His Good Opinion, by Nancy Kelley.  If you love Jane Austin, you will love this book.  I started to read the next book in the trilogy, Brides of Pemberley, but gave it up.  It was very different from the first book which actually had Jane Austin as its guide.  The second book was ho-hum, predictable, not very interesting.

I hope to mix things up this winter, reading fiction and nonfiction. I have several nonfiction books on my bookshelf that I have read and would enjoy reading again.  Perhaps I will gather them and post a picture of them here in the future.

Happy reading!