Monday, September 28, 2015

Good Bye Old Friend

Our old friend has been re-homed, but not without a little angst.  

Years ago, when we bought our pop-up, we were a different family.  We were renting a house, which meant no home improvement weekends.  We had little kids, who liked camping.  We had time to go away. We spent every extra penny we had on camping.  Some summers we would go as many as 8 times!

And then, time passed, and we changed.  The teens did not always want to go away.  School activities started to take up weekends.  The $40 a month to store the camper started to feel like a burden, since we could not use it as often as we liked.  Our only tow vehicle became our older vehicle, and frankly, was not up to the long trips with a heavy camper.  And then, the last time we went camping, I realized that perhaps going away was not the best way to accomplish our goals.  I was always exhausted after a trip.

Yet, it is sad to say good bye.  I will miss sleeping in the camper on the perfect summer night with all of us snug and happy.  I am thankful for all the fun times and dry nights.  It was a good camper.  I am hoping its next family will love it as much as we did.  (I will not miss the cold nights, rainy trips, or bugs!!)

Thankfully, we are not giving up our trips away, totally.  We are going to rent camping cabins near our favorite lake, perhaps make fewer trips, but still quality trips with family.  All seasons come to an end.  It is just a part of life. I am enjoying this new season, and holding on to all the wonderful memories of the last one.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

A Season of Growth

Growing through trial does not feel very good.  As my pastor has said, "Hard is not bad.  Hard is just hard." And, truly my difficulties pale in comparison to so many others.  My biggest problems are a result of my own doing, as well.  Choices have consequences, even good choices.  So, as I struggle, I am trying to keep in mind that hopefully at the end of this season, I will see fruit.  In the meantime, I am thankful to have opportunities for growth.