Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Ordinary Days of Winter

Well, that was fun.  The holidays whizzed by. (Why am I always saying or thinking that time is flying by me?) Sunday we took our oldest back to his college.  Tax season busy time has begun for my dear husband.  The home scholars are back to their studies.  And now the weather has turned towards the extra bitter.  And I am working on getting the home back to order. 

So, what is keeping me busy this week?  Glad you asked!  There is a birthday to plan for and celebrate this week, my husband's.  My dear aunt who just lost her husband last month is coming for a few days, too.  We are trying to figure out how to keep warm with an electric heat pump. (What crazy person installs a heat pump in northern climates?) I am attempting to Fly with Fly Lady again.  She always helps me get back on track and into a good routine.  I am reading a few good books. Maybe I will even get around to writing a review? 

I need to figure out if blogging is still a thing that I want to do.  I was never in it for attracting great hoards of followers.  I wanted to capture our lives so that I would not forget about the days I had my babies home.  I am not a content producer, meaning I don't write to inspire others.  And then there are so few blogs that I even read these days.  Maybe my paper daily journal is enough now?  I need to think about that.  I miss the early days of blogging where there was a sense of fellowship.  It would be nice if there were blogs for mothers of older homeschool children or college-aged.  Most blogs tend to be for younger mothers.  Sadly, Facebook's popularity seems to be the death of blogging for ordinary people. 

Until next time!