Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Simple Pleasures

There are so many simple pleasures, if we only take time to slow down and truly "see" them.  For me, growing season offers many opportunities to enjoy the process.  It also tempers my desires for more and more plants!  I'd love to have a cottage garden, but I am a renter, so I have plants I love in pots.

Another simple pleasure is the ease of a summer schedule that is not over-filled.  This year, we cut back on our activities on purpose.  Gone are art, dance, gym, and karate.  Those will come back in the fall.  Right now we are free to swim with friends, watch an old musical on a hot afternoon, visit the library, and bakery.  Just this morning, we all went outside to enjoy the cooler air, before it heated up. 

Simple pleasures are all around us.   Taking time to really enjoy them is key! 

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  1. So true, there are so many simple pleasures if we just look.