Friday, September 14, 2012

Last Weekend of Summer

Technically speaking, this coming weekend is the last weekend of summer, although, it should feel more like the first weekend of fall, if the forecast holds true.  How I have longed for cooler weather!  And now it is here!

All this cooler air makes me in the mood to bake once again, too.  I want pumpkin muffins, pie, and lattes!  I am more than ever thankful for my new oven.  I will roast a whole chicken today, something I dared not do in the summer heat wave. 

Fall temperatures also makes me want to wear my favorite sweater, and to enjoy wearing socks!  I can't wait to build a fire in the fireplace and sip decaf coffee in front of its warmth.  It should not be a long wait now! 

I love fall, if you could not tell.  It's my favorite season.  There is just so much you can do in the outdoors when the weather is more enjoyable.  


  1. Fall has to be one of my favorite seasons too. We are pretty cool too, except for today, it got to the mid 80's. I'm sure it will cool off again. :)

  2. We had our first fire today, it felt so comfy!

    1. I think tomorrow will be a high of 60 something and rainy, so I might just get my first fire this week!