Wednesday, April 24, 2013


On a recent hike,at a favorite park, I came across a couple abandoned houses.  I had never been in this part of the park before, so I didn't know they were there just over the fence.

Abandoned houses really bother me.  They are such a waste! I think of all the happy times that the houses must have provided, for these are beach houses, and beach houses are for fun times.

Of course the real reason this bothers me is because I would dearly love to have a house on my favorite beach and these are just sitting there going to waste.  Heavy sigh.


  1. You might be surprized, some people dont think about selling until they have been abondend for years.. Some people get a good deal just making a request to rent one or buy it outright

  2. That is sad. I would check into it and see if they want to get rid of it cheap. :)

  3. You might want to check on one of those abandoned houses.

  4. I'm guessing the State or Fed. now owns that land, but you never know. I know MN has some land up in the BWCA where you can semi-buy an existing cabin on it, even sometimes improve or add on to it, but the govt. still has the land rights. Wouldn't that be a dream!