Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The Dog Days Are Here

The dog days of summer are here.  I have to work harder this time of year, work harder at being content.  Hazy, humid, hot days drag me down, as much as the bitter, dreary, cold days of a long winter do.

It occurred to me yesterday that these seasons are really no different. Both must be cheerfully endured. Both must not be wished away. Both have their good points, when one searches with diligence.

After reminding myself of the many good points of this season, I discovered a renewed joy in summertime. Even on a very warm, muggy day, at the very least, I can rejoice that it is sunny and I do not have to struggle with Seasonal Affective Disorder!

Today, I am busy in an air conditioned house. Yes, I will hate the electric bill a month from now. Yes, I am feeling cooped up. But at least the sun is shining and I can enjoy this season, for it is short and soon another season will be arriving, bringing relief.


  1. Thats great that you are working through your feelings and seeing the good in the different seasons. And what a blessing you have a/c. :)

    1. Thanks,JoAnn. I try to be thankful for the a/c. It only cools part of the house and I feel closed up without open windows. Fans help.

  2. I do not like summer, I do not like summer one bit says Jeannie I am..lol..