Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Great Grandparents

I was recently given some pictures of my great grandparents, Hattie and Alva Chiles! I never got to meet my mom's grandmother.  She passed away when my mom was a teenager.  Looking at her kindly face, and knowing how much she was loved by my mom and grandma,  I know I would have loved her too. My great grandfather was very old when I was born.  He was a little scary, so I didn't get to know him too well.  
My maternal great grandparents and some of their grandchildren.
My great grandma and grandmother.  
My great grandma is wearing the dark dress.  Great grandpa is behind her.  I am not sure who the others are, maybe their mothers and their son.  
My grandmother is on the left.  Great grandmother on the right.  Grandma's brother is behind her, next to my great grandfather.  


  1. What sweet pictures. That last picture, you look like your grandmother. Very pretty.

    1. I get my round face from her! And I think I have her nose. I see Grace in the picture above. I see her in the lady in the back. I need to find out who she was.