Thursday, March 26, 2015

Start Where You Are

I love this quote!  It can apply to so many areas of my life.  I strive to use what I have and do what I can do. Right now I have some areas in my home that need my attention.  I have purged on a regular basis, but am needing to purge even more, I think.  We did get rid of our garage refrigerator.  That was hard.  We buy a lot of food for five people each week, but it was getting old and didn't keep things frozen during the winter months.  Still it was nice to have the refrigerator side working for extras.  We are not planning to buy another one.  I worked hard to get some organizing of our kitchen refrigerator done.  It is looking great.  It is still a squeeze, but doable.  And I like having a less cluttered garage.  It is always a work in progress in there.

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  1. Yes, I agree, always a work in progress. :)