Thursday, December 10, 2015

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We have a family joke that says if you look up the word pretty in a dictionary, Dorothy's picture is there. Yes, we are a bit cat crazy around here.  Our dear Dorothy is the definition of pretty and she brings us so much joy.  She is the type of cat who will forever be a kitten, very playful and energetic.  She has been our baby for three years now.  She is pretty. 


Lake Michigan in October is my happy place.  Actually, I love Lake Michigan in any season, but October is the best for hiking the dunes, especially if it is a bright clear day.  We will be walking the dunes in December, but it will be cold.  What a lake!


These two, best friends, brother and sister, always funny.  They keep me young and hopping.  


I love this picture of an ordinary day, learning at home, both children diligently working.  There is nothing nicer.  Yes, the house gets messy, but I would not change a thing.

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  1. Don't you love those ordinary days - they are so nice. We home school as well and I know exactly what you mean.