Thursday, June 23, 2016

{pretty, happy, funny, real}

This week, my precious girl is staying at Nana's house in order to be able to serve at a worship arts camp that our church is doing.  Of course, she is having a great time getting to know Miss Mercy Jane, Nana's new dog.  I hear that Mercy has taken a liking to Grace as well.  

~{pretty, happy, funny real}~
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 Mercy is a pretty dog, do you not agree?  She is a mixture of...what we are not totally sure.  We can see boxer, beagle, lab, something with a curled tail.


Grace and Nana took Mercy to a favorite park earlier in the week. I know this was a happy event for them all.  Until, well, it seems as if Grace and Mercy were put in jail.  

 This jail cell picture is my funny submission, although the next picture could be as well.  For you see, Mercy is quite at home on my father's CHAIR!!  No one sits there but himself.


And the reality is, Mercy has taken over their house and hearts.  :)  Thanks for sharing your photos, Mom!


  1. A beautiful dog. Often these dogs are nicer than purebred dogs :-) Funny: the picture of your daughter in prison. Luckily she has the dog to comfort her. Yes, it can make us happy: photographs as the children aren't in our nest. Hug and xxx

  2. She is indeed a beautiful dog!

  3. Yes, pretty dog! I love the position in the chair. Ha ha. Very relaxed and owning it! It is nice that your daughter I getting that time with her Nana, but I am sure you miss her! I love your daily goals in the side bar. I need to work on all of those things.

  4. Puppy love! We could learn to "slow" in a chair from the dog :)

  5. Such a sweet face and so blessed to be able to be spoilt by your family.