Monday, November 14, 2016

A Big Birthday

We had a big birthday come and go for our youngest.  How can he be fifteen?  These teen years are zooming past us.  He wanted a zoo membership for his present.  We had not been in many years, so we really enjoyed our recent trip.

We also had a family party and he received a really huge expert level Lego set.  It was fun to watch him build it.  He had to build in his free time, so it took a little longer than the average set.  Do you know that I have never put together a Lego set?  That seems so weird in this house of Lego nuts!

Now I am in Thanksgiving preparation mode.  I really need to get out the carpet cleaner, wash windows, cabinets, and on and on the list goes.  This year I am trying not to let the holidays sneak up on me.  I love hosting Thanksgiving and I want to make sure it is a good day for my beloved family. Do you host Thanksgiving?  Are you ready?  



    I am amazed at your LEGO set there kid.. Thats really AWESOME.. we love lego's too :) Except Stepping on Them !

  2. Happy Belated Birthday Trevor!!! Wow 15 ALREADY? That young man is growing up to something great (not that he isn't already). Neat Lego set. I don't think I ever had a single Lego as a child -- I had Lincoln Logs and wooden blocks. In fact, I don't know if our girls ever had any real Legos when they were young. Huh, I suppose I have ruined them for life.

    Are you hosting a BIG family Thanksgiving? This year will be very different for us. Even though I love making all the traditional goodies, we will be having Thanksgiving Day lunch at the nursing home with my mom ($10/person). And then I think with Jeff's family at a restaurant the Saturday following. Both girls have to work on Black Friday, a busy day for them, but I never go Black Friday shopping, so it matters not. Have a great week my friend!!!

  3. Happy Birthday. Is that real LEGO? Nice. And how was your Thanksgiving?