Thursday, December 22, 2016

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Christmas Eve is in only 2 more sleeps.  :)

These next several days are some of my favorites.  School is out, which lowers stress all around. Finals are behind us, hooray, celebrate all A's for all three kids!  We have very few outside commitments.  It is time to bake, play games, watch movies, be creative, and wrap gifts.  I love having everyone home!!  

At our house, Christmas Eve day is an extravaganza spent at my parent's home followed by a trip to church on the way home. Christmas day we get up, open our gifts, and then drive 3 hours to Jeff's mom's house for more food, family, and fun.  We are so very blessed.

So, these days before the festivities are to begin take on a preciousness all of their own.  There is the added joy of anticipation.  There is the simple pleasure from quieter times.  For me, these are the best days of the season.


  1. Enjoy your family extravaganzas! Merry Christmas!

  2. Cookie Coma! the look on her face, priceless :)

  3. Look at all the cookies! I want to do better this year at celebrating all of the holidays with fun and gladness!
    ps -- thank you for the link to my blog! I will link back to you! :)