Tuesday, April 11, 2017

This and That

Only a few days left until tax season ends if all goes well this week for my husband.  I am so excited to have him back during the evenings and weekends.  I have quite a long list of things for us to do before we list our house.  First up is to get the deck stained and mulch around the house.  Then I want to paint the master bedroom to a more neutral color.  It is a deep gold that we inherited from the previous owners.  I did not hate it, so we kept it.  Now it looks dark and scuffed. We also need to get the back screen door along with several screens fixed.  A certain little feline scratched them.  We need to clear out the garage and give it a good cleaning.  I want to get a storage facility and store some of our furniture and other items that make the house look cluttered.  Since I do not know what kind of house we will be moving to I cannot give things away that we might need.  I will give them away when I am sure we don't need them.  I want each room in our house to look larger and storing some things will help.  When all of this is done I will get the carpet cleaned and do a big clean up myself.  Houses are selling, thankfully.  On the flip side, there are fewer houses on the market that I want to buy in our price range in our target area.  This move will be a total God thing if it happens!!  And it has to happen.  Driving over 30 miles to church, work, and family is getting old.  My two youngest kids need to be closer to their godly friends.  Moving four years ago sure was an adventure and we learned a lot from our time here.  Never underestimate the importance of location!  


  1. I agree about the importance of location. And you are so right about houses right now. It is the same here, and I also saw a real estate article on-line about housing right now. Houses are selling! And there are fewer available to people looking, especially in the price ranges that MOST of us are looking for! I love the LOVE sculpture/art piece behind the children! xoxo Lynn

  2. I hope that the move works out well for your dear family! And never forget that it's all in God's hands, every last bit of every last thing. Wishing you a blessed Easter.