Saturday, June 3, 2017

May, You Sure Went by Quickly

May, you sure went by quickly!  School finished up and a first graduation came upon us.  We celebrated quietly with just the grandparents and our family.  The graduate requested no big open house.

We also started bowling with the Kids Bowl Free program.  So far we have managed to go quite a few times and are enjoying the challenge of learning a new activity.  We are so lousy but it is fun.

We have no camping trips planned as we are trying to save money to get the house ready to sell, hopefully by the end of the summer.  We need to get our graduate ready to go to college before we list the house.  It is too emotional to do both at the same time.  Patience is called for here.  Houses are selling so quickly, too. The timing is just not right at the moment.

June is shaping up to be a full month as well, but not as crazy as last year.  We can now find time to visit the library!  All winter I had been only reading their ebooks.  We also will visit our city's zoo, swim, take a day trip to the lake, and hopefully spend some time playing board games, reading and relaxing, the usual summer stuff.

Grace and I got our garden boxes planted.  I am very excited about them.  This year I have started 12 sunflower seeds.  Will the bunnies let me have a few grow into beautiful blooms?  Time will tell.

How is your summer shaping up?


  1. Hi Jenn!!! Congratulations to your grad. and his family. It's quite a milestone in our lives. I can certainly understand taking one emotional event at a time. Yes, homes are moving FAST! Your place should go quickly (a good thing), but finding another place might be a challenge, one has to move fast. Mom's place sold in 5½ days, and really, the people that bought it saw it less than 24 hours after it hit MLS and there was Memorial Day weekend in the mix, so everyone was out of town then. They hope to close June 19th or ASAP, so right now my life is on hold, again, until that is all said and DONE -- pretty bittersweet as that little townhouse holds 25+ years of memories. Otherwise, Summer, I still have a little planting in the garden to do since it's been so rainy (until now) and lots of trips to the townhouse. I need to plant some sunflowers too! I also have lots of indoor walls I want to paint including the high stairwell & vaulted areas just to update our place & some staining of wainscoting in the powder room. I'm not as young & ambitious as I use to be, so it seems more like a chore. We are aggressively on the lookout for that "perfect" land to buy where we will someday build our retirement cottage, but there is just nothing for sale up this way, so I look and wait. We are even open to buying a BIG piece of land and my in-laws could either build or park a trailer home on one corner and we would build on another and the girls, if they wish, could someday settle on the property too, LORD willing. Lots to pray about.

  2. Wow, Jenn--one down, two to go! Congratulations! It just goes so fast, doesn't it? Hope your sorting and packing and move plans all go well. It's such a big undertaking, but one thing I did like about our major move four years ago was the chance to really clean things out and 'start over.' I'm sure you'll miss your camping trips (have always enjoyed your lake pics!), but it sounds like it will be a summer with refreshing things in it nevertheless. Busy here with lots of family stuff. Wishing I could get a veggie garden in but I just don't have the time to devote to it right now. My hubbie did make me a couple of planter boxes for our deck, so I've surrounded us with petunias and lots of color. Blessings on your summer! Keep us posted ~

  3. Congrats to the graduate!! Life does fly by! xoxo Lynn

  4. Congratulations to your graduate! May the Lord bless you in your move, the college plans, and all the other things that you do or dream of. Wishing you his strength!