Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Life These Days

Wow, it is hot!  We have had a string of 6 days over 90 degrees F which is very unusual for our part of the world.  We have also been in a drought.  Our world is brown, yellow and fading green.

Otherwise, things have been in a good routine with our schooling.  The kids are excelling in their online school.  Grace is active in the National Honor Society with weekly peer tutoring and a new mentorship program starting up.  Both Trevor and Grace love their youth group.  In fact, Trevor is going with some friends from church to watch another friend's soccer game and have dinner tonight. Grace and I are starting to explore colleges.  It is an exciting time to be her! It is an exciting time to be them.

As for me, I have been taking meals to others in need.  I have found that a good roasted chicken makes a nice meal for a new baby's family or someone who has been ill.  Plus, it covers a lot of the different restrictions on grains, eggs, dairy, and whathaveyou.  This last week I took a meal to someone who has an egg, gluten, dairy, soy, red meat free diet.  Challenge accepted!  I took her a roasted chicken with honey/cilantro glazed roasted carrots, mashed potatoes (vegan butter) and a cut up cantaloupe.

We have all decided we need to be more active physically, so we have returned to riding our bikes. It has been too hot to walk, but I feel that we will be back to walking when things cool off.  Jeff is back to playing disc golf.  I will join him, again when it cools off.  And we plan to bowl at least once a month.  Bowling can be expensive though.  

Grace and I have been enjoying being a part of the Kindness Rocks Project.  We are painting rocks, hiding them for people to find and be encouraged.  Have you found any rocks in your area?

Well, that is us in a nutshell.  We are blessed.  We are trying to bless others.  What more can one hope for?

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  1. It's been hot here too, which I love summer extending itself for just a while longer since winter is so long here. But alas, it did cool down yesterday with Hi's only in the low 60's, so fall has arrived now. Sounds like things are going well! That was quite the challenge with the restrictive dinner. I'm glad you are able to bless so many. Cute bird rock! Nope, haven't found any here, teehe.