Monday, May 14, 2012

Garden Progress

Compost pile getting some water.

Hollyhock patch, just waiting to sprout. 

Herb patch:  basil, chives, garlic, catnip, mint, lavender, and a lily. 

Cherry tomato seeds planted. 

Half broccoli, half red cabbage. 

Cherry tomatoes for friends, we hope. 

The whole garden area. 
Still to come.... strawberries!


  1. Looks like you have it all set up, good job.

  2. Be sure and share your 'after' pics! I love the kiddie pools idea--we used my daughter's for such things when she outgrew it. Hope you have a fabulous crop.

    (BTW, great idea for a blog. Homeschool moms need to keep in touch with the things that personally inspire and feed the soul.)

    1. Thank you, Wendy. I will keep updating. I hope it is not a failure, but at least we tried!

  3. Great idea using the pool as a raised bed! I can't wait to see how your garden grows this summer.