Friday, February 22, 2013


Just a couple more photos of our room.  The boys and I moved the bed, dresser, and bookcase today.  Whew!  I vacuumed under the bed, too.  Felt great!  I decided the bookcase doesn't fit in here.  I've always thought that, but didn't have a spot to put it.  It fits in the extra closet, but I don't know if that is the best place for it, either.  I need to think about that some more.  Jeff is going to help me move the pictures and hang up the TV on the wall this weekend.  I also have a mirror that was my grandmother's and I think it will look nice above the dresser.  I will post pictures when we are done.  Just doing a simple rearrange to the room, but hopefully it will make our room more functional and cozy.  And clean!

 The bed is no longer under the window!  I can sit up in bed!  

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  1. Oh that looks so nice. I would want to be able to sit up at night too. We have an iron headboard which works great since our bed is by a window too. It lets the sun in, but we can also sit up in bed. :)