Friday, June 21, 2013

June 2013 Garden Update

This summer, my gardening is limited to herbs and flowers.  I decided not to try to grow vegetables this year because we really have too much shade and after last year's drought, I lost the desire as well!  Plus, as I said before, my plant budget was eaten up by a certain hungry rescue cat.  So, this is what we came up with for about $30.

These Coleus perk up the shaded front walk.

I have written  many times about my grandpa's geranium, but here it is again.   I hope it makes it this summer.  I noticed a bug eating the leaves.

I bought two little pots of geraniums for the back deck.  I enjoy looking out my windows and seeing a little pop of color.  I was hoping to attract humming birds, as I have in the past, but sadly, the hummers are not coming like the last few years.

These lilies were a gift from my daughter last year.  They and the mint are thriving.  Next to the mint, in the back, you can just see the chives.  There is also lavender and basil in this area.

 In the baby pool, I planted some free Morning Glory seeds.  I will put up a tripod soon.  There is also cilantro in the pool.

 Lastly, here is the catnip that we got from the farm market.  It is loving its location.  And my kitties are loving the fresh leaves.  We will dry some for over the winter.

I would have loved to have planted some tomatoes, but these plants are truly enough.  My daughter is so kind to water each plant every morning, unless we have had rain.

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  1. You have quite a pretty garden. Glad you could get so much for $30.