Monday, June 17, 2013

Summer Thoughts

Summer is in full bloom.  We've not yet entered the dry season and we've only had one day reach 90 degrees. My plants are doing well, although, I did not plant as much as last year.  That is OK.  I chose to spend my money on adding another rescue cat in March and he is worth it. 

That's how life goes on a budget.  I took from my garden budget so that I could increase my cat budget.  I still have lovely plants to enjoy.  And I have an extra wonderful cat to love. 

I really, really need to work on clearing out the extra stuff in our home this summer.  In particular, the garage is out of control.  I just don't like spending time out there.  I need a plan and a schedule, but books call to me during the heat of the day, not a hot garage.

I am so thankful to have the luxury of summer days at home.  They are a real gift.  I have my children happily busy around me.  My husband is working hard so that we can be comfortable and enjoy all the blessings that surround us.   Life is full.  I am grateful to the Lord for the pleasure a quiet summer day brings.  


  1. You are truly blessed, a garden budget, wow. And your plants are so pretty. I hope you get to your garage soon. We need to get to ours too. Thankfully, it won't just be me. It's definitely an all family job. :)

    1. I spent $30 on new plants this year, which was more than I agreed to, so I am fortunate my husband doesn't comlpain about the extra I spend on the sweet kitties. I agree that is a blessing! The garage has been a problem for as long as I have had one! :D