Wednesday, November 27, 2013

I ♡ Antique Malls

I think I've mentioned before that I do not enjoy shopping.  Recently I rediscovered that isn't exactly true. I had forgotten how much I enjoy antique malls.

One lovely fall day, we spent 3 hours walking around, looking at and remembering things we had long ago. Oh, if only I knew way back then that my unwanted junk would be worth so much now!

We did bring home a few treasures. We found an upholstered ottoman,  4 mugs to match our 70's Correll,  and a couple Christmas tree ornaments. My 12 year old son used birthday money to buy a knife. And, many of the vendors gave a 30% discount for cash!

 This particular mall is 40 minutes away, near a favoriye park, making it a good day trip stop. We will be back! I have my eye on a Pyrex bowl set!