Wednesday, November 13, 2013

When Dreams Are Put on Hold

Our recent move seemed like the perfect opportunity to realize some dreams, but alas, that was not in the budget.  Our new home, while lovely and very cozy, sits in the middle of a typical newer neighborhood, something I thought I would never do again.

The bottom line was this is what we could afford.  There were no homes on land in our price range that were inhabitable.  Either you had a nice house on no land or land with a house that needed tearing down.  So, in the spirit of this blog, I am truly content to be where I am.

I am thankful we can own a home again, something I did not dare think about too much.  I am thankful to have all that I need and a lot of what I wanted.  I will work to make this home, home.  And truly, if this home were on 5 acres, I would not be any more content.  The 5 acres would just require more effort and perhaps right now a quarter of an acre is plenty.


  1. Your new home is lovely Jenn (bigger than mine, teehe). I think no matter where we are, we always wish for something just a little bit different/more, I do, but whenever I feel that way, I just remind myself of the millions that have so much less, and even nothing. God is so Good to us!

    1. Absolutely, Jane!!! The last home I owned was similar to this one and I was so discontented. I am very thankful now. You live and learn.

  2. It truly is a beautiful house, and you are blessed. But I understand the neighborhood thing. Though I don't want 5 acres, I don't want to be in a big neighborhood either. But right now, our home works, and as long as I don't think about what I don't have, I'm ok. :)

  3. I think its beautiful too and looking forward to more pictures to all that you get done and do...

  4. I wanted to add too.. that even though you live in a "hood" you have so much potential to make this very private and almost like you were out away from it.. I have seen some wonderful privacy landscaping done.. and although we live in the "country" and have acreage,, some of the farms are selling and already we are cringing at the thought of "HOMES" being built ... I have already begun to make plans on planting trees, bushes ect to make our home more private from the road... I like the serenity of privacy, but also not so much it makes others feel shut out.. does that make sense.