Friday, January 30, 2015

Almost February

Winter survival update time, as we are almost past the throws of January!  I finished the beloved book, The Long Winter, by Laura Ingalls Wilder.  Oh how that book is such a good reminder to my soul to be content with the weather.  It could be so much worse.  We are not starving!  There is hope!  And like Ma says,"February is a short month!" I am about to read Little Town on the Prairie, next.  

As for exercising, I am doing great there.  You may read all about that here.  

I did go through an acute case of "Dune Heart" after our brief weekend trip to the Indiana National Lakeshore for my husband's birthday.   Look at that lake.  Who wouldn't want to live there?  I confess that I spent way too much time looking at the Miller Beach Webcam, and looking at the houses for sale within a mile of said beach.  I kind of lost my head for a few days.  I am better now.  I think I really scared my kids thinking that I was moving.  

I have made a few yummy batches of soup.  The last one was split pea with leftover ham from Christmas and homemade chicken stock.  Oh my, it was good.  This weekend I will be making potato soup, and roasting another chicken for stock next week.  We also baked this lemon cake for my husband's birthday.  It was amazing.  

Monday, I will be having lunch with my adopted grandmother.  I need to write a letter to my maternal aunt and call my paternal aunt.  Neither have computers.  There is nothing nicer than getting a newsy letter in the mail in February.  

Another project that I am working on is getting prints made of some of my favorite pictures from 2014.  I recently read that if you don't print them, your grandchildren may never see them, as they could be lost on a hard drive or cloud.  Time to print! 

And lastly, my mother recently gave me my great grandmother's wedding ring.  It fits, too!  But I need to have it cleaned and check the setting.  I was so shocked to receive this gift.  I loved my great grandmother, and remember her well.  It will be cherished.  

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  1. Sounds like things are going great, and that ring is so pretty. I remember when I lived in California for 2 years, I was only 10 minutes from the beach. I enjoyed it every time I went, but I didn't make it a lot. I was in college and worked. When I moved back to Illinois everyone was like "Where's your tan? Weren't you living in California?" I said "Yes, living, not vacationing." It's always different when you live someplace rather than vacation. All the fun things you do on vacation, you rarely do when you live there. Not to say I wouldn't move back by the ocean in a heartbeat if the Lord had that for us. :)