Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Winter Survival Tips

The older I get, the less I like winter.  I suppose it has to do with a fear of driving in snow, mostly.  Also a loss of freedom to be outside without extreme measures to keep warm.  And I terribly miss camping this time of the year.  Not to mention the longing I feel to see my flower friends!

They still love winter!

So in recent years, I have decided to make an effort to combat this dislike of basically half the year.  I have come up with some winter rituals to keep me focused on the good parts of this time of the year.

1.  Celebrate the minor holidays.

After Christmas and New Year celebrations, the winter can really start to feel like a drag.  That is why I have made an effort to celebrate holidays like Valentine's Day and St. Patrick's Day. We also are blessed to have two winter birthdays, so I try to make those special as well.

For instance, my husband's birthday is this month.  We typically try to go up to see his mother for the day and take a winter hike at our favorite park.  This year he is asking for birthday  money for a hotel room so we can stay the night.  The hotel has a pool, so this will be like a mini vacation.  It gives me something to look forward to in January.

2.  Read good books.

I love to read, but find that I have less time to read during the school year when I am teaching my children. This is only a perception, really.  I have found that if I make time, it happens, so, I make time!  Each winter I like to read a favorite book about winter, The Long Winter, by Laura Ingalls Wilder.  I usually get the book from our library, but this year, my dear husband bought me a hardback copy of my very own! I will also make time to read other books.  I am going to carve into my day a time for reading, perhaps along with a warm drink, a blanket and some quiet music.

3.  Mind your health.

I started taking extra vitamin D several years ago during the winter when I thought I was struggling with the winter blues.  I really think it helps.  Plus, it helps me stay healthy.  I've not been nearly as sick as I used to be.  I also exercise five days a week.  I make an extra effort to increase fruits and vegetables in the winter. And, I drink lots of water.

4.  Find a hobby.

I feed birds.  I grow violets.  I play with  my cats.  Just do something inside that makes you smile.  This helps me to not think so much about the summer hobbies that I miss, like gardening.

5.  Make soup!

I can't tell you how much I enjoy making chicken stock.  It is an all day process.  It means I will be home all day tending my stockpot, and I thrive on days at home.  It has taken me awhile to learn how to make really good stock.  I think I was trying to rush it. You don't have to make it on the stove, though.   Here is a fantastic crockpot recipe.

6.  Serve others.

During winter,it is easy for me to forget others around me, especially when I am in a hibernating mood.  My goal this winter is to reach out to others, like older relations, and make a connection.  This will stretch me.  I will have to drive more.  I will have to risk coming into contact with germs!  My action plan is to have lunch with my adopted grandma once a month.  I also will send cards to others in my family who are not online.  I would like to say that I will have a friend over, but that could be pushing it.  :)

Basically, I have found that if I dread winter, I end up wasting half my life wishing for summer.  In Indiana, winter is a part of life.  It is OK to slow down and enjoy the best parts.


  1. I really enjoyed your post Jenn. A great winter survival plan! I too have determined to write more note, today I need to get some thank you notes out. We had soup last night too. I'll have to check into your stock recipe. Have a lovely day my friend and keep warm. ♥

  2. That is a great list, and glad you've found so many good things to do during the winter.