Monday, July 18, 2016

30 Things To Love About Summer

Right now it is HOT and humid.  I start to melt when it is over 85 and the dew point is over 69, so when it is in the 90's, I am miserable.  I start to think that I would much rather deal with winter and I conveniently forget that I don't really like winter much!  Haha.  (I am not so easy to please. Extremes in temperature are a bother. ) So, as in the winter when I am looking for things to love, I am going to do that now about summer to remind myself of the pleasures of summer, not just the uncomfortable parts.

  • Swimming pools!!!  Nothing better than a jump into a pool on a hot day.  
  • It is easier to cool off in the summer than to keep warm in the winter with pools and A/C.
  • Air conditioning is nearly everywhere these days.  
  • Shade trees are awesome.  Saturday we were at an outside gathering and there were amazing trees to sit under which provided a cool retreat.  
  • Ice cream tastes best in the summer.  
  • The world is green and full of blooms. 
  • My garden is bursting with life.  
  • Even summer thunderstorms are way better than winter ice and snow.  I love to hear the thunder roar.  I love the relief that rain brings.  
  • Rain!  I love rain.  After a drought a few years ago, I will never complain about rain.  It is such a gift.  
  • No school.  
  • Less structure to our days. 
  • Fewer weeknight commitments.  
  • Grilling!  
  • Riding bikes
  • Vacation days
  • Not having to bundle up to go outside, just go! 
  • Farm markets
  • Yard sales
  • Backyard parties
  • Library reading programs
  • No shoveling snow in the sumer.  
  • Fruit and vegetables are amazing when in season. Cherries and watermelon are my favorites and I only eat them in the summer.  
  • Sunshine (no drab days)
  • More time to read
  • Baby birds in a nest near a front window to watch
  • Mowing the lawn (my son's favorite job)
  • Picnics, reunions at parks 
  • Band camp, VBS, worship arts camp 
  • Iced tea on the deck under the umbrella AND
  • Hammocks
Come to think about it, maybe I do love summer after all! 


  1. I do love some good iced tea!😜

  2. Extreme heat and humidity is not good. Here it is also very warm and I think it's time for my siesta. I like your list, Jenn. In the summer I love ice cream. But I do not take it because there is too much sugar in it. So today I drank mint tea and I treat Ralph on ice cream. Because it is sooo warm (33,9 above zero)

  3. CORN ON THE COB.. although I cut mine off the cob due to my retainer.. but hey a girl can dream she is still eating it off the "bone"





    1. My iced tea is always unsweet, too! And I forgot about corn on the cob. :)

  4. Great list! I love summer, but it does have a few days of extremes. It's 91° here now, dewpoint of 73, and feels like 100°, and they say tomorrow is suppose to be hotter. My perfect temp is 77. I use to love it in the 90's when I was young and foolish. :) That Culvers looks great. We are going there tonight to celebrate the inlaws anniversary. Else just staying in -- I sure could use a nap!