Monday, July 11, 2016

Vacation Week Recap

Happy Monday, friends!  Well, vacation is over.  This year, vacation was part stay-cation and part camping cabin at Lake Michigan. The following pictures are from New Buffalo City Beach.

As usual, vacation takes on a life of itself, never going quite as planned, but always a blessing to be away from the ordinary.  The beach towns along south-west Michigan have always had a spot in my heart.  I find them quaint and filled with nostalgia.  And fudge, lots of fudge!

We actually did not swim in the lake this trip.  Trevor had a fresh knee wound and I do not like the thought of lake water and a bad cut. So, we enjoyed the campground's pool quite a bit this trip.  It was hot, so the pool was a relief.  We spent a day with Grandma, too.  All in all, we had a lovely break.

The hardest part of vacation is having Jeff back to work and our oldest essentially back to school, as band camp starts today.  He will have two weeks of band camp and then school officially starts July 27th.  It is amazing how fast time flies!  Trevor is spending this week with his nana, so it is just us girls this week.  We have some painting projects calling our names!  I leave you with a few more pictures of the cabin.


  1. I agree...the hardest part of vacation is when it ends!

  2. I am amazed at how quickly its going.. to a degree.. Our area only been out of school since the 23rd of June.. But Walmart is already packing their stores with back to school supplies.. WHAT IN CREATION is THIS WORLD COMING TOO. :(

  3. Beaches are always good, no matter where! I love the lighthouse! And my , oh my, you sure have an early start of school there! What's with that? I say it should be against the law to start before the day after Labor Day... October 1st would be even better. Glad you had a good vacation.