Sunday, December 31, 2017

On the Eve of 2018

Everyone says it.  This year sure has gone by quickly!  Amazingly so!  2017 has been a struggle at times and full of blessings at others.  Thankfully we are ending on a good note.  My "babies" are all home and well.  We are enjoying our Christmas break.  What more can a mom want?  Well, she could want all her children seeking after the one true God, my most fervent prayer of 2017.  I am hopeful this prayer will be answered one day.  Until then, I am content knowing that nothing is impossible with God. 

As for me, I am getting ready to embrace another winter.  This one seems determined to be cold and snowy.  Yippee.  (Insert eye roll here.)  Tax season will soon be here and we will try our best to make the most of our limited family time until April 15th.  Winter makes things harder.  We always have to find ways to thrive and not just survive.  I will fight my desire to hibernate. Oh! how I wish it was possible! 

Next week is our last week of break.  It's time to think about a plan to thrive through winter.  Celebrating minor holidays always makes me happy.  Reading books is a must.  Tending my indoor garden will bring green to our frosty world.  I want to bake bread.  I plan to ride my new stationary bike.  I want to be outside more.  I want to do puzzles when the weather is dreary.  I can always spend time purging as well. 

Here we come 2018!  Be kind.  :)


  1. Happy New Year! I hope that this year is filled with meaningful moments to treasure :)

    ~stay warm!!!

  2. Hello My Friend! Oh dear, how did I miss this post? LOL, funny picture!! My prayers are with you and your family (HUGS). It's funny (actually not so) how we (I) envisioned how life and our family would be when I grew up only to find everyone is/are individuals too that don't always think & do as us. Even when they are following Christ, how they sometimes throw us a curve ball from out of nowhere. How we can love our family so deeply that we would give our very life for them in an instant, but not always do they reciprocate that same love. But my prayers are with you!

    You have some very good goals there. For me, I embrace hibernation (although the girls were out of town during the very WORST part of this winter so far, so I was forced to do barn chores morning & night in -17 temp/-29 windchill, sigh). At least winter brings less responsibility and not having to tend to a garden. Every year, in my own mind, I declare Ground Hogs Day as my "being through with winter", so no matter what it's like outdoors, it's spring to me. (kindof a psychotic thing of mine -- Minnesota will do that do a person.) I need to get going on all those things I put off till winter, indoor chores like remaking my recipe cards with copies for the girls and organizing my life & home.

    Yes, 2017 was a rough one, but I'm praying 2018 will be packed full of blessings for both of us! ((hugs))

    1. Thank you, Jane. You are and have always been a blessing to me!

  3. Just stopped by and that cat picture made me LOL, AGAIN!