Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Is it OK to have dreams?

I am sometimes uncomfortable with the idea of sharing my dreams here.  I would not want my dear husband to think that I am ungrateful or pining for something more.  I want to honor him with my words.  I have so very much to be thankful for.

So, I wonder, is it OK to have dreams for the future?  Is it just causing unneeded wants to crop up?  I strive to be a content woman.  And, it does take effort to be content in this world of consumerism.  You have to nip discontent thoughts in the bud, so to speak.

So, this makes me ask myself, "What am I really doing to work towards some of these dreams?"  Nothing really, because they are not super important right now.  My most pressing thoughts are for today or the nearer future, like getting my kids through college.  If that happens, then I feel as if I will be more free to dream. 

Another component is being happy with what the Lord has seen fit to give me.  I really am a blessed person in that regard, as I said before.  Materially, I have all I need.  I've always thought that if I did not have something it is because He doesn't think I need it.

I'm still not sure if it is a productive use of my time to think too far off into the future.  Time will tell!

Enjoy your day,


  1. I can see that line of thought. I like to dream once and a while, and usually with Paul. But like you, too much dreaming can cause discontentment. I'm sure you'll find what direction this blog should go. :)

    1. Thanks,JoAnn. I am thinking this blog could take a couple directions. My next post will reveal all. Ha, ha!

  2. I agree with JoAnn... only time will tell.. the dreams you got going on here are not crazy out of reach.. they very well could be your future.. nothing wrong with sharing the desires of ones heart.. The LoRd already knows where it is...

    1. Thanks Jeannie. I didn't think my dreams were too crazy, except maybe that barn! An old barn would work just as well. I like old ones, too. Yes, the Lord knows and He knows best, too. Perhaps it is not best for me to hide away in the country just yet!