Tuesday, August 21, 2012

A Month Away From Fall

It's hard to believe that in a month we'll be saying good-bye to summer.  Already the air is cooler and the trees are starting to drop their leaves.  The grass, however, seems to be in spring mode since the rains came back.  It amazes me how quickly it returned to bright green and growing quickly mode.  My guys will have to stay on top of this change.  We got out of the habit of mowing weekly when the drought was upon us.

This weather has drawn us back outside.  Weekly trips to walk about our favorite pond can happen once again.  The kids and I love this ritual.  I must make the time to stop our busy days and get us outside.  All too soon, the cold winter will replace the hot summer days that kept us indoors.  

One of the things that I enjoy most about this lovely weather is being able to have the windows open.  I love hearing the birds chirp, the cicada humming, and the cooler breeze blowing through the house.  I can wait for the day we cannot keep them open.  

This summer has been one of extremes.  I should have known that the drought would not last forever, but it just seemed eternal.  Alas, I am not really a very patient person. I am a grateful person, however.  So grateful for this change in weather pattern!  The Lord heard our prayers and sent relief in His good timing. 

So now, I feel a change in myself.  I feel an urgency to get out there and enjoy what is left of this summer.  There will be some hot days left in which to swim.  There will be cool mornings in which to walk.  There will be a day that comes that I will no longer be able to keep an open window.  Until that day, I will do my best to enjoy the outdoors.  And beyond that day, I will just put on some more layers and get on to enjoying the next season! 


  1. I hear ya.. I was just giddy this morning (despite the fact that I had no sleep all night) when I went to go see the chickens and the air was crisp just like it is in the Fall and smell .. oh my I was like Come on Fall Baby! I am so ready for some Pumpkins :)

  2. Similar thoughts and observations here, too. There's just a different feel to the air. And we're loving the break from the heat, too. So glad you can finally be outside and enjoy it all--maybe you'll have Indian summer this year to enjoy it longer!

  3. It seems as if September and October are the best months of the year nowadays! That would have been blasphemy if I said that once upon a time.

    To put my money where our mouth is, I still have 8 vacation days scheduled for the end of August through October. Hmm...

  4. Yep, the signs are definitely there, but like you I'm still enjoying our summer for as long as it lasts. Those are pretty pictures. :)

  5. How is this my first visit here? I love this little place! I'll be back, but dinner's ready... :)
    Shani xxx