Thursday, August 16, 2012

Garden Finale

Grandpa's geranium is doing well.

These guys are popping up. 

The mint has taken over!

Fresh grass clippings added to the compost. 

No broccoli flowers or cabbage, yet. 

Tomatoes gave 12 ripe ones yesterday.

Love my volunteers! 

Just to show how green the grass is again! 

Somehow these popped up despite no watering. 

The drought seems to be easing up.  The temperatures are more like August in Indiana and not Arizona.  I am grateful for this moderation in weather.  As I write, a giant storm system is coming towards us from the north.  I am praying it dips down enough to get us. 

Next year we are going to concentrate on herbs and flowers for the bees.  I will try tomatoes again, but that will probably be the only edible in the garden.  I want to start them earlier, too.  Who knows what next growing season will be like.  All I do know is that I love trying to grow things and part of it is adapting to the challenges of weather.  All in all, the garden has been a fun project this summer.


  1. If nothing else, we proved that we can grow something from seed! We would starve if that's all we had, but it is something.

    1. We did indeed! It was very exciting to watch the tomatoes grow. The other things were just so-so. Yes, we'd totally starve without farmers to feed us.

  2. YEA!! for Farmer Jen

    My tomatoes were really blessing me this past month.. which even in the heat I was shocked.. but now everyone elses are blooming and mine are starting to not so

  3. Well, for the lack of water, it still looks good. Glad you are getting some rain, that always makes things better. :)