Monday, August 13, 2012

School of the Woods

Do you read older books?  Yes, they are sometimes more challenging and not usually a quick read, but so worth the effort.  A mother sometimes needs to read something deeper, so I recently picked up my late grandfather's copy of School of the Woods by William Long.  Grandpa loved books and passed along several favorite ones to me, his book loving granddaughter.

First thing one notices when looking through this treasure is the beautiful sketches of animals in nature.  Mr. Long describes how animal mothers train their children in addition to their God given instinct. He gives all the animals he describes native names because they are more descriptive of the animal.

I do hope that I persevere.  I've read the first few chapters.  I will take my time and little by little, I hope to finish before winter. 


  1. I love old books... unfortunately some of the old books I have are toooo old and fragile to read... so alas I look at them through the hutch glass..

    (see I made a rhyme too)

    1. You must find some not so old ones to read, my friend! I forgot to mention that I find tons online for free. My Nook is full to brimming with old books that I have read in the last two years. They become old friends!

  2. I hope you make it through and read it all. I really like the look of old books.

  3. I'm so out of the discipline of reading! I've been reading junk for too long.