Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Random Fall Thoughts

The last ones! 

Surprise!  Most of the tomatoes have turned red sitting in the sunny southern window.  My dear husband says they are flavorful, too.  Oh, I didn't mention that he is the only tomato lover in the house?  Well, he is. I labor over the tomatoes as an act of love towards him, really.  Plus, I enjoy the challenge. 

The leaves have all of a sudden changed colors and just as quickly, fallen to the ground.  I am going to miss them.  I wish fall was a longer season, spring, too.  It seems like fall and spring are shorter each year.  Perhaps because I enjoy them so much.

A fall display I saw over the weekend. 

The "men" folk worked hard on the leaves last evening after dinner.  You would not know it by looking at the yard this morning after some rain and wind passed through.  But, they are almost all on the ground now.  Last year, I remember we were dealing with leaves well into November.  We finally stopped when it snowed!  This year is quite different.  Most likely due to the drought.  I read we are still 8 inches under normal for the entire year. 

The mill where our corn was ground. 

We added 5 pounds of corn meal, freshly stone ground, to our "larder" for the winter.  I look forward to baking muffins and corncakes.  I hope it lasts awhile.  I have to be careful not to bake too often, as our self control gets tested when I do bake!  And I do love to bake this time of the year. 

Must get to the children's lessons for the day.  Have a wonderful Tuesday! 


  1. Although my hubster,kids like ketchup and salsa, I am the only one that LOVES TOMATOS in itself... so showing them off, makes me drool.. ha ha ha

    1. I guess that means you don't have to share! :-)

  2. So glad you got some more tomatoes, that is great. None of us eat tomatoes straight around here, though I do use canned diced ones in our pasta sauce.

    1. I love tomatoes cooked or sun dried. Maybe one day I will like them raw. I did try one of ours this year and it was sweeter than I expected. There is hope for me, yet!