Monday, October 8, 2012

This and That, Fall Edition

Quaint shops to tempt us. 

Good Day to You, Gentle Reader,

How is your fall progressing?  Twice now, we've had to cover our delicate plants.  I realize it is just putting off the inevitable, but for right now, with the bright, sunny, warm-enough days, I am attempting to prolong the growing season. 

I heart old barns. 

Just today we enjoyed a red cabbage and some cherry tomatoes in our salad.  The tomato plants are in fact, so full of green tomatoes, that I am soon planning to pick them all and attempt to ripen them in a sunny window. 

Beautiful lake we found while on a stroll. 

Fall camping is another pleasure that we are hoping to extend, although, this past weekend's trip was canceled.  We are not rugged enough to sleep in our pop up camper in temperatures in the 30's without a heater!  We have one more trip planned for my birthday in eleven days.  I am eagerly watching the low temperatures.  We can go if they stay in the 40's. 

A house that I love. 

Speaking of eleven, we purchased eleven jars of apple butter from our favorite orchard this weekend.  Their apples were destroyed by frost this past spring. Thankfully, the apples they used to make the butter were from last year's harvest.  We bought their last jars.  If I had known, I would have gone earlier.  Next year, they will have a call list, the nice lady informed us.  We'll need to get on that list! 

*Pictures are from some day trips taken this past weekend. 


  1. That house is beautiful!! Love these pictures and old barns.

  2. Love the pictures, especially of the house. That is absolutely beautiful. Apple butter sounds yummy, I'll have to pick some up soon. :)

  3. Your anniversary trip was cancelled??? So what did you do? Yes, I love the house too...a brick foursquare is my dream home. Glad you found at least some of your apple butter. I stock up on honey like that from a local farm.