Monday, March 11, 2013

Let's Make Napkins

For awhile now, we have been using cloth napkins.  My first haul of them came from an estate sale. I was not choosy about their color. I just wanted them for everyday use. And I needed a lot if them since we eat all our meals at home most days.

The first ones started to wear out, so I bought a few more last fall from a craft mall. They were salmon in color, but so cheap. I also looked on Etsy, but did not have the extra money.  I considered making my own, but I gave away my cantankerous sewing machine last year.

Then I saw this easy tutorial on how to make everyday napkins. I wanted to buy cotton duck as it called for, but I am trying to save my pennies, so I put on my thinking cap. I had bought some nice flat sheets from Goodwill for my son to use as a green screen. He no longer finds the need for two.  Also, my gracious mother has a nice new sewing machine that she was willing to let me use. So... this is what happened.

15 wonderful napkins for everyday use!  I've washed them once and I had to trim the little strings from the developing fringe.  I think they are going to be very useful.  If I can find another sheet, I may make more soon.


  1. I am going to check out this tutorial. I bought paper napkins the other day and that is just a waste of money. I need to make these.

  2. Wow, you are being resourceful. I love the happy green color too! Great job my friend! Btw, I ordered a birthday tablecloth just like yours (Amazon) and it arrived Saturday, yeah! Now I can party just like my friend. :)

  3. That is so great. We have thought of going with cloth napkins too, just never took the time to get them. Yours look great. :)