Tuesday, January 14, 2014

A Front Porch

One of the things I was really hoping to have on a home was a front porch.  We looked at many houses that did have some great porches, and I held out for awhile, but in the end, I had to give up that dream, for the best location. So, now it is time to get creative.  And what better time to think about sitting outside than when you are stuck inside because it is freezing!

I have some good ideas to feed this need of mine.  For instance, our front yard gets wonderfully shady in the afternoon.  So, I am planning to take advantage of this feature and put a couple nicer chairs, like in the picture below, out front.

Yes, I won't have a porch, but I will have a nice spot to sit and enjoy.  I'd really like to make an effort to be out front because I am hoping to meet some neighbors that way.  We do have a really nice deck out back, but you can't be neighborly that way!  And even if the chairs have to be plastic due to money restraints, who cares.

Image source:  Google images 


  1. I want a front porch too, porches are my favorite. But like you, I would give it up if I had to also.

    1. Priorities change and it was really just a wishful thing, not a need. :)

  2. I'm glad we don't have a front porch: then the house would be much darker inside. So there's another way of looking at things! :)