Thursday, January 30, 2014

Facebook Finds

{Just a few of my favorites from Facebook this past week.}

One of my most favorite pages from Facebook is Porch Sitting Union of America.  I love the pictures they post as well as their porch sitting attitude!  Here is my favorite one from this week.  I could do some serious porch sitting here!

And this house from Abandoned Everything is simply divine!  I love the windows up in the attic.  I can envision a little cozy room up there for reading or star gazing.  Someone just has to restore this gem!

These flowers from Country Living Magazine's page helped me keep my sights on spring.  I can't wait to make a bouquet from a cutting garden I have in mind.  

Do you have any favorite Facebook pages to share?


  1. I don't follow too many FB pages like that, but I love the porch swing. It's my dream to have a porch with a swing again someday. We had it when we lived in Illinois, praying I get to have one again. :)

    1. I am thinking of asking my dad to help me build a swing frame one day, since I don't have a porch. I love to swing!

  2. I don't have any favorite FB pages, but I love looking at yours! That attic does look appealing, doesn't it? Enjoy your dreams...and your clean, modern, beautiful home you live in. :)