Tuesday, January 14, 2014


I used to define contentment as being thankful for what you have. I still think thankfulness is a big part of contentment, but I also think it is more. I now think that contentment is best defined by simply wanting what you have!
When tempted to be discontented,  I used to feel guiltly, because I was being ungrateful for all that I had. While that is still true, guilt doesn't solve my heart problem. The positive way to stop discontinted feelings is to concentrate on wanting what I have.
When I want what I have, there is no time to want what someone else has. And, wanting what I have is the ultimate in thankfulness.  
(The picture I chose for this post is our wonderful van and pop up.  Both things I struggled to be content with in the past. )


  1. Wanting what you have is an awesome way to explain contentment. It also make me think more about how I'm decluttering my home. There are some things I have that I don't want. I also have some attitudes that I don't want. When I get rid of them I'll have even more room and energy for the things I have and the attitudes I should have. Great thoughts, thanks!

  2. You are so right. Wanting what we already have is true contentment. What a blessing that you have that van and pop up. I know how much you all enjoying your camping trips.