Thursday, September 15, 2016

September Favorites

September has always been one of my favorite months.  The weather is still summery.  The family celebrations flow, and the natural beauty of late summer is a sight to behold.

In Indiana, September is still warm, maybe too warm at times, but it is usually less humid, so I can deal with it.  For instance, it is going to be in the 80's today, but right now as I write, I have the windows open and there is a lovely breeze flowing through the house.  I am thankful for a lower electric bill, too!

September is the month of celebrations.  It is so special that my parents and Jeff's parents celebrate their birthdays this month.  Besides birthdays, my family has our family reunion in September. I have such a fun time with my cousins.  As I get older, this gathering becomes even more important.  I appreciate my family all the more, too.

 Finally, late summer is just a beautiful time of the year here.  This year, we have had plenty of rain so plants are still blooming and the grass is bright green.  There is the bountiful harvest, too.  Gardens are bursting.  Well, not mine, I kind of lost interest during the heat and humidity of August.  But, the farm markets will be awesome this month, another thing to be thankful for.

What is September like in your corner of the world?


  1. I agree. When we get older, family becomes more important for us. Love you photos. My corner of the world: September is also a month of birthdays here and many meetings at the school of the children. Unexpectedly, my mother is in the hospital. So this month we will drive much back and forth. Hospital Visits. And it is a very warm September this year. Garden is dry and our hydrangeas are withered :-(

  2. I can't get over how much those "girls" look alike.
    I love Sept too, but we already wake up to below freezing temp....yikes!

  3. Wonderful Pictures my Friend.. I agree your daughter and Grandma look quite alike :)

  4. I'm loving September already, too! My favorite months are October & November, though.

    Enjoy that family gathering -- they are full of a heritage of precious and familiar memories.

  5. Haha, I saw your post on my sidebar and thought, "September, is it September already?", despite that it is September 17th today. Where did the summer go? Enjoy your family & end of summer. For us here, Labor Day pretty much signals the end of summer. The prairie grass is brown, the trees are starting to turn fall colors; time to drag out the jeans & sweatshirts. Nights get rather coolish, but no frost yet this year. Normally I'm busy harvesting and canning, but thankfully this is our Sabbath year break. And it's the season of extreme allergies for Anna & I (sigh). Summer is my favorite, but it goes way too fast. I like all the seasons really, but wish winter was done by January 15th. Have fun making memories!!! ♥