Thursday, September 8, 2016

When Plans Change

Hello Friends, 

We usually go away for a long Labor Day weekend, but this year, we decided to cancel our plans and enjoy life around home.  It is a new stage of life that we have entered with three kids in high school.  We decided that it would be best for our youngest, the newest to high school rigors if we did not stress him out by asking him to finish his school week a day early so that we could go to the lake.  He also had 7 tests and a paper to write that week.  We all agreed that staying close to home was more relaxing.  

Of course, we did not just sit around the house.  We enjoyed a LONG bike ride with grandparents and a big lunch at a buffet afterward.  The next day we took a day trip to the above farm.  We met another set of grandparents for lunch and then a stroll through the farm.  

Times change.  We adapt.  We will get up to the lake next month during fall break for my birthday, LORD willing.  



  1. Pretty flowers! and farm! That will be a fun birthday celebration for you I'm sure. I was wondering if you guys had went to the Dunes, or if you were going to go any more this year -- I forgot that with the new curriculum, you probably can't set your own schedule any more. poo.

    1. There is some flexibility with their school, if they work ahead, but poor Trevor is still adjusting to his load. He's taking an honors path diploma. And this year they added a home room meeting on Fridays. Overall we are very thankful for the school. They are still home away from the influence of public school kids.

  2. Yes, plans do change and so do our seasons of life. It's our inner heart outlook that just needs to trust in the Father's greater plans :)

    Beautiful pictures! and I do hope that you will be able to go to the lake for your birthday.

  3. Love T comment about trusting in the Lord's planning.. Oh what fun to go to a farm..Pigs are my next venture...but may have to wait until we had back to Oklahoma..