Friday, September 23, 2016

Dog Days Continue...

The dog days of summer are hanging on.  

I realize that I am going to soon be complaining about how long winter has hung on and how I am longing for spring!  But really, fall is now officially here and it is 90 degrees!  The air quality is also suffering, so the windows are back to closed tight.  The worst part is that all the pools closed weeks ago.  
But, you probably are not here to listen to me complain about the weather!  

We took our first college tour this week!  I was brave.  I really think I am going to be able to let him go.  It doesn't matter if I am ready or not, but I am proud of myself for getting to this point.  I liked the campus, except for the liberal influences.  I wish he wanted to go to a God-honoring school.  Again, it is not about me.  He has his life to live.  And I am proud of his commitment to getting through college with minimal debt, so a state college makes sense.  Especially if one is considering a Music Education degree.  Teachers don't get the big bucks to repay those big school loans, sadly.  

In other news, 

We had a great family reunion this year.  The kids enjoyed playing board games with one another, and I brought my coloring materials,too.  

We had fun despite the heat. That has been life lately, living despite the heat.  And, I am so grateful for the life I have.  


  1. Yep. State college was my choice too.

  2. Great pictures friend.. although I insist it is OSU not ISU that he should go to.. HA HA HA that way if he goes there, you will have to come by our place once we get back

    I understand your afflictions about desiring him to attend a more God Centered School, what Christian Momma wouldnt want the best for them.. but then like you say and I agree.. Its His life.. we can only hope and pray that GOD will lead them to live extraordinary for HIM. If we think about it... I am quite sure our parents all thought the same for us.. and did we not turn out ok. LOL.

  3. Fun photos! Mercy is such a character. It's currently 50° here, looking for a high of 60° and WINDY - not a good painting day. Well, at least Ryan might not run into quite as much liberal influences in Music Ed as he would some other subjects. I am saddened to hear that so many "Christian" colleges are becoming so liberal too. It's good he is being smart about not wanting to go into great debt and at least he will be closer to home. He looks very happy in the photo. Will continue to pray for you all. ♥

  4. ((hugs)) to the mama heart! Having had 2 leave the nest, it's a different and sometimes difficult season of life. You've provided the beautiful roots in which he is planted. I'm so sorry about your summer weather lingering on. I wouldn't care for it either. Praying that autumn turns the corner for you :)

  5. Looks and sounds like a great summer and beginning of fall. Love the pictures.