Monday, May 2, 2016

A Dog's Tale

For many reasons, my being allergic at the top of the list, we don't have a dog.  This makes me sad at times, as I do love dogs.  I love and have two cats, so I am fortunately not suffering from the dreadful state of being pet-less. So, when my parents decided to adopt a dog, I kind of felt like it was part my dog, too.

Their adopting a dog means that I get the best of both worlds.  I get to visit the dog, love it, and then go home to my dog-free home.  Short visits with dogs don't seem to bother me, too much, unless there is a lot of fur in the house.  Usually, only the wet dog smell will send me into sneezes on top of a stuffy nose and watering, itchy eyes.

They found their little dog at a rescue not too far from my home.  After they decided to adopt her, we went for a quick visit.  She was a little darling of a thing.  At that time, we thought she was a mix between a beagle and a boxer.  We did not know of or had ever heard of the basenji, which she is so obviously part of.  She has a beagle head on the body of a basenji.  So cute!

She has the energy of a basenji and their affectionate nature.  She, I keep calling her that, but her name is Mercy Jane, is less than a year old and was a stray, sort of.  She was running loose, picked up by the shelter's manager and when the manager asked around about the dog, the owner, who had seven kids and was a bit overwhelmed, decided to give her up.  Mercy went to the shelter and started the process to adoption.

Mercy does not know a stranger.  People find her instantly charming.  Mom and Dad have a keeper!


  1. That is such a cute dog!

  2. What a HAM!.. I mean DOG.. LOL.. Thats so awesome... and yes you are correct at least for you with the allergies being able to make visits and then go home dog free is the best of both worlds.. Its like when Grandparent say.. the joy of grand kids are in the spoiling when they visit, but when its said and done the grandkids can go home and all is quiet again.. HA HA HA

  3. Sweet! I love it.

  4. I found your blog through a fellow blogger, but this story is so much like one we just found ourselves in! We literally just adopted a dog that we saw roaming our neighborhood. After a while she disappeared so we called the pound and there she was! We adopted her and are adjusting to having, yet one more, rescue pet.

    Rescues make the best pets because they are always so lovable and happy to have a family :)

  5. Such a sweet dog! I hope that your allergies will allow you to visit often :) Happy Mother's Day!