Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Bloom Where You Are Planted

It is perhaps the most wonderful time of the year when all is blooming or about to bloom.  It seems the grass could not be any greener and cannot grow any faster, too.  There is an almost constant hum of lawn mowers about.  We are no longer in survival mode.  We thrive!  (Well, try not think about the allergies this season brings!)

Tomorrow our home learners will have reached day 180, which is always a great day.  They have loved their online school.  Each has grown in ways that have surprised and delighted me.  God blessed our efforts beyond my expectations.

We are looking forward to some time off but the kids will be very busy with a couple trips, camps, a youth group overnight outing, and band camp for the oldest.  The few weeks of summer will go quickly.

It is a time to grow things, ride bikes, read for pleasure, swim, create, and enjoy all our blessings.  It is blooming time for plants and our own lives as well!


  1. Pretty! Pretty! Is that your lilac bush on the top picture Jenn? Such a beautiful color! Yes, us too -- so very happy it's warm again and floria is everywhere! Enjoy your time off. I must have missed your post, I didn't know the kiddos were doing online school. What kind? Did you do any teaching or was it 100% online? Just curious.

  2. A blooming time indeed. Not that long ago the world was brown here. Now it's green and bursting with new life--wild and unruly. What a wonderful time of year.

    "Bloom where you're planted" is one of our favorite sayings. :)

  3. You need a c box Jenn... however can you live without smilies? :) Thanks for the link, I didn't know. Is it a Christian online school? Have fun at the Dunes!!! How long of a drive is it for you now?

    1. I will think about the cbox. I did love those! No, there school is not a Christian one and we had to work through Biology this year with a non-believing teacher. It takes us 3 hours to get to our cabin. I would love to shave off that extra hour again when we move north of Indy like before.

    2. Too bad...well, on the bright side, you get in a lot of real life training in Christian Worldview vs. not. Yes, a vacation only 2 hrs. away would be amazingly simple. Enjoy your weekend!

  4. Congratulations on 180 days! Enjoy the beauty of summer :)